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Here are a few testimonials from the owners of some of our puppies
in their new homes!

Little Max
Little Max Rocky

“I thought I would send you some photos of Rocky and Max his big (literally) brother. Rocky is doing great and we are thrilled with the newest addition to our family. He is training so well. He hasn't had any accidents at all in the house. He is also sleeping very well. He is a bit whiney, but he is still a baby. The vet said he is a very healthy dog. She also said he was beautiful. Enjoy the pictures and we will keep you informed as he grows. Thanks” - Melinda, Tony, and Jack, Chapel Hill, NC


“Hi Recia, I hope you are well. We still check your website. Your dogs are just too cute. Our Max is now 9 months old & we think he is the most beautiful dog. We work with him a lot. He went to the puppy obedience class several months ago. A couple of weeks ago, Don & I took him to a private lesson (which was great). We just bought him a larger crate, and he is happy with that. His crate is still in the kitchen, which works out well. He turns heads! Later.” - Barbara, Winston-Salem, NC

“Wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Maxx is doing fine. He looked like a Maxx to us, so with this being your Max's first litter let him know he has a namesake. We went to the vet yesterday and he is in perfect health. He's taking to the crate well and seems to be adjusting well. I will send you some pictures of him in his new home in a couple weeks. Take care and thank you for Maxx. He's full of energy and just as sweet as he can be! Such a joy to be around.” - Pat, Virginia Beach, VA

“He is just the cutest little pup in the world. He has whimpered a little, but we are giving him lots and lots of love. He "went potty" outside twice already...He is the hit of the neighborhood!” - Barbara talking about her Little Max, Winston-Salem, NC

“I just wanted to let you know that "mac" is doing great. He was at the vet yesterday, he weighs 16.5lbs. He is kennel trained and just about house trained. He is getting along well with our other dog. She puts him in his place once in awhile. He is a great puppy, we just love him and he seems to learn and respond very well. Here's a picture of him all ready for the 4th of july. Thanx” - Cindy, Virginia Beach, VA

“Hello Recia. I thought I would send one of the first pictures we took. Tucker is doing quite well. He is getting used to the crate and is doing a great job with his pottying outside. The whole family loves him already. Take care.” - Suzanne, Mechanicsville, VA


“Bigsby is doing great! He is growing like a weed! He is so smart it's scary! We have been going once a week to obedience training and the trainer says he has a "zero learning curve." He pretty much picks up on everything the first time taught. He will sit, heel, and stay (pretty good). He is already housebroken (knock on wood - I'm almost afraid to say it) - he hasn't had a accident in 2 weeks or so and the last ones were right by the door. He adapted beautifully to his crate and is fine til 8am or so in the morning when we get him up. He had no problem getting used to a collar or a leash and loves, loves, loves to go on walks! He loves water - is fascinated watching it - he gets in his water dish outside with all fours and splashes til all the water is out. His color is gorgeous and gets many comments. He's the cutest dog I've ever seen.” - Caroline, Durham, NC


“We just wanted to send you a recent picture of Dash. He is a wonderful boy. At the last vet visit (Feb) he already weighed 24 lbs. gaining 10 in 1 month. He is a big boy. He goes again this weekend so I'm sure he's 30 by now easily. We have really enjoyed him and he has turned out so pretty. Thank you for adding him to our lives.” - Beth, Durham, NC


“We bought Samantha "Sam" from you from a litter born on April 30th of 2006 and she has been a dream! We are so happy she is a part of our family. We are curious about the miniature labradoodles from (upcoming) litters...Please send us some information...Thank you!” -The Petersons, Durham, NC


“Hi Recia, Here is Guinness at 3 months. (on the way to the lake) He is from Bella and Tazz's litter. Everyone is smitten with him. He is great and house broke easily; rings a bell! We brought him home March 16th...hence the St. Patty day name. Now at four months he weighs 15lbs. Glad we found you! ” -The Longs, NC


“Recia, I have added a few more pictures of Holly ;) She is the PERFECT baby girl, she is house broken, knows sit, stay, shake, down, and if you ask her to say thank you she will bark 1 time ;) Holly has lost 8 of her puppy teeth and EVERYONE at the vet thinks she is BEAUTIFUL, pictures do not do her justice! We have a weekend that is all about dogs in Birmingham and we took her and I was stopped 4 times to see what kind of dog she was and where I bought her, she has been the best addition to our family! ” -Kristen, Birmingham, AL

“I drove from Alabama to get one of these puppies and her pictures did not do her justice!!! She is a WONDERFUL addition to our family and the vet said she was a perfect little puppy. All the people who worked in the vets came out to see her since I got a F1B mini they were excited and all commented on how beautiful she was, the vet said I had found a good breeder!” -Kristen, Birmingham, AL Online Review

“Hi, Recia Just wanted to give you a quick update on Casey. She’s doing great and we love her so much! She’s sleeping in her crate at night and is doing great with house training. She already knows how to play fetch! She went to the vet today and everyone fell in love with her. The vet said she’s very healthy. Thank you so much for trusting us with her. I’ll send some pictures soon.” -Colleen

“I took these photos today because our little love bug is not only growing like a weed but is quickly changing color underneath. She’s not actually losing any hair but the new growth is a light chocolate milk color so again, I wanted you to see our angel before the next color change. I have some cute photos of our bed hog (takes after her Daddy). She sleeps with us every night and many times when I wake up during the night, she’s cuddled right up next to me with her head on the other half of my pillow. We absolutely LOVE Callie, she is truly a special animal. She still stops cars when we walk to pick up Riley at school and everyone coos over her no matter where we are. She also loves everyone she meets and is so friendly though she thinks she’s a feisty watch dog as well!” -Deb

“Here are a few pictures of Shadow. He is now king of the house and boat. In the last week he has learned to sit in about 15 minutes (3, 5- minute classes) and can now jump on the couch, chairs, and bed. His name really fits as he follows me everywhere I go. As soon as I put him in the truck he lays down on the seat beside me and usually goes to sleep. He loves to run outside and seems to enjoy running in circles around me most of all. His housebreaking is going very good and he loves everyone he meets.” -Gary

“Rusty is so smart and learns new things very quickly. He is starting agility classes in 2 weeks and I think I will take a dance class with him also. He loves to learn. He is working on his canine good citizen certificate right now and is great! We LOVE him so much and he has brought a lot of joy to our family and all who meet him. I will say he is a spoiled little boy. (Not too bad) We just had an invisible fence put in so he can run and chase the birds. He loves that. I thought I was getting him mostly for the boys but I have to say His dad and I love him so much. When Chris gets home from work he picks Rusty up and they give each other big bear hugs and kisses.I didn't think Chris would ever let a dog on the bed with him, but now loves to take naps with him and the boys fight over who he will sleep with. Even my father calls and asks how the little boy is. You breed BEAUTIFUL sweet dogs and Rusty is a head turner. ” -Julie

“All is going so well with Willie Nelson! We love him to death!!! The best family dog ever! He went to work with Todd last Friday and slept on top of his desk for an hour and a half. Thanks for such a blessing!” -Catesby, Annie and Todd

“Take a look at the love of our lives. We lost our 5 year old rotty 3 weeks after we got Isabelle. Queenie (our rotty ) was truly the love of our life. We are still not over our loss, but what a joy to have Isabelle (Izzie) in our life. She is no doubt the sweetest " rock star" there ever was. We have learned not to take her with us if we are in a hurry, because so many people come up to us and just instantly fall in love with her. Izzie is Rhett's daughter and is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for giving her such a wonderful beginning to life. We don't have chidren but she melts when she is around children, no doubt because of her introduction to your grandchildren. Did I mention how smart she is? At 7 months old we are having to spell things now.” -Phyllis & Stan

“Here are a couple pictures of Cooper - he is doing wonderfully! He has continued to behave well in the house and gets along so well with our families' dogs and everyone he meets. We are working on some basic commands with him, and he already knows sit, stand, and "want to go to school?" We took him to the lake this past weekend and he loved being out on the boat! He doesn't mind the car at all either. He falls asleep on our laps all the time and is always doing something to make us laugh. He is amazing!” -Matt & Megan

“Thought I would send you photos of Jackson who is now almost 13 weeks old. His crate training is going wonderfully. He is very loving and the kids love him to death. They all want me to wake them up while putting Jackson in their beds! It's still amazing thinking back how warm he was to us when we first met him and how he didn't seem homesick at all those first few days! He definitely is a very well added member to our family. ” -David

“Wanted to write you a quick note and let you know how Cela was doing. Today was her second visit to the vet and everything has checked out beautifully. She is a very happy, healthy puppy. She has already travelled to Wilmington and Charlotte and is WONDERFUL with our nieces and nephews, whom range from ages 2 to 8. She loves children and is also great with the other dogs in our neighborhood. We absolutely love her and have already received numerous compliments on how cute/pretty she is. We may be sending you some more clients as much as some of our family loves her!” -Jessica & Scott

“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know that we love our labradoodle. Toby is a very people person dog and is also great around other dogs. I didn't realize until we were in Beaufort NC two weeks ago that we were raising a rock star. From the time go off the boat we were stopped approx 20 times asking what kind of dog Toby was and that he was the most beautiful dog they had ever seen. I forgot to mention that 4 of the 20 took photos of him, not us. The only refuge we could find was back on the boat. Toby has truly been a great addition to our family. I am in the process of teaching him to duck hunt and will keep you updated on how it is going. Did I mention that he is spoiled rotten?” -John

“We picked up one of your sable labradoodles about 4 months ago. I just thought you might like to know how well she was doing. We named her Margeaux. She is beautiful, smart, and very very lovable. She loves to be rubbed, especially on her belly. We have been very pleased with her and she has totally changed our world. I don't think we could ever have picked a more unique little dog with so much personality as we did. Thanks for everything” -Kristin